"Life is all about choices. It's a maze you have to walk through. The path we choose will decide our fate, our destiny, our very identity. Once you choose a path, you have to walk it. There is no turning back. I find myself now at the darkest part of the maze. Everyday is just another day for me."

why so serious?

This town sleeps at night. Deserted highways, creepy by-lanes and egregious exits were encountered us as we made our way to the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight today morning. (Ok, the exits weren't that egregious)... As we made our way into the mall half an hour before midnight sufficiently pleased with our idea to come early to get good seats, the mile long queues to enter the movies just as quickly got rid of all our smugness. Batmans (batmen?), Jokers and Two-Faces filled the hallways. Holy weirdness, Batman!

Feeling out of place in a t-shirt and jeans, I quickly put my head down and strolled into the theatre... I could swear the ticket checker was smirking at me. Luckily, we did end up getting good seats - way back in the last row. Not all together though - no way! The last fifteen minutes are always the worst. And here we go... cheers all around as the film begins...

Frankly, I just can't come up with words to describe this movie. In one word, I could say - unbelievable! I may be biased here by the initial euphoria seeping through, but somehow - anytime, any day - I think this is a five-star movie.

Simply put, Chris Nolan's 'Dark Knight' is simply the best movie of the superhero genre ever made. And the Joker is up there as the best villain ever to be seen on the silver screen to date. The nightmarish look with the white face paint and the ever smiling scars, the menacing voice, the sadistic mind games - I cannot imagine anyone surpassing this performance anytime soon. Heath got into the mind of the Joker - and that's why I wonder if this was what killed him. Did he die for his art? Because undoubtedly, this was the performance that will make him a legend.

The other actors have done their part - I thought Aaron Eckhart handled the transition from Gotham City's white knight as Harvey Dent to the coin tossing maniac Two Face great. And did I mention the make up job on Two Face? Classic.

In discussing them, Christian Bale has been reduced to a mere supporting role. Doesn't mean he didn't do well - in fact, he was great as a Batman confronting his demons - once again. He's been my favorite Batman so far - but this movie - it totally belonged to the villains. Batman was totally owned by the Joker here.

The visuals of the movie are awesome - Gotham City has never looked so dark, dismal and scary at night. (Loved Batsuit 2.0, btw) The story was gripping, fast-paced and exciting - leaving you wanting more. All the characters and roles are given the opportunity to mature - you can actually see the slow transition of Harvey Dent as he fights against all odds and loses everything. All through the movie, I kept wondering how this movie was going to end. The tone of the movie said it all. The ending was particularly fantastic - something I never expected.

Looking at the academy award nominations for the last few years, I just hope that the Dark Knight is not overlooked - commercial successes tend to somehow fail at the Oscars. Heath Ledger is undoubtedly my choice for this year's best actor - not supporting, mind you - this movie belonged to the Joker who will give us nightmares for years to come.

Gotham needed a better class of criminal. The Joker has given us that - and more. I pity the poor soul that has to fill in his shoes. RIP, Heath Ledger, and thank you for the role of a lifetime.

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the dark knight - tonight!

It's just about time for my most awaited movie of this summer. The Dark Knight hits theatres tomorrow, and I'm going in for the first day's first show - a special screening at 12 am tonight! Wow, right? If not, please have the courtesy to act impressed.

Of course, that's assuming we're getting tickets. As I write this, one of my friends should be in possession of 8 tickets to tonight's show. He better be - or else he's going to be having a close encounter with a different kind of bat.

There are two reasons why I'm pretty excited about this movie - the first of course, being Heath Ledger's much hyped about performance. Of course, that's the reason that would also disappoint me - will it live up to the hype? That's the scary thought.

Secondly, the prequel to this movie. Batman Begins was, for me, the best Batman film ever. I hadn't like any of the earlier movies because of the toned down 'family movie' feel of them. Of course, the favoritism could be highly prejudiced because the film drew inspiration from the books of Frank Miller - especially Batman: Year One. I'm a big fan of the graphic novels of Miller - and B:Y1 is no exception. The fact that this story continues in this vein - it's enough to make me salivate. Add to the mix Christian Bale - you got the ingredients for what could arguably be the best movie of the year.

I say it once again, graphic novels make the best movies. Remember Sin City? Rock on, Frank Miller.

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summer's here....

The end of June... which means summer's here, and as oxymoronically as ever, we've got thunderstorms popping up all over the place. To adjust, spring was hotter than summer is right now.

On the bright side, the 4th of July is coming up, and that means long weekend! I need that... it's off to sunny Florida for me! Tampa - Orlando - Daytona, here I come!

July's also great for another reason - it's Kingsport's fun fest time! The annual local festival around here starts in 2 weeks time... there ain't a whole lot of events that interest me though - hopefully I'll write about it - don't hold your breath though!

Also, my new handy dandy camera's finally here! The Canon Powershot SX100IS - 8 MP & 10x Optical Zoom! The initial assessment - Awesome! I'll be checking it out in Florida more thoroughly, of course...

I guess that's about it for June... sometimes makes me wonder if it's worth it keeping ze ol' blog updated any more. :(

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the smokies, yet again

The last days of spring before the usual June heat wave sets in. Which means it's time to take a break from work and head off for some rafting in the only tourist attraction nearby - the good ol' Smoky mountains. It has something for every season.

Rafting was the only thing we did y'day, and I ended up with a close encounter - being the only member of the group to start on one raft, and end the trip on another.

Sitting with a laptop in the Smokies is not an ideal way to start the day, so here's a couple of rafting pics from yesterday 'til we get back home. Maybe, just maybe, this time I will blog. :)

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a year in the good ol' us of a

And here goes my customary post for the month of April, just to let the world know I'm alive (barely) and (in the) well.

It's now been a year since I landed here, in what I refer to as the good ol' US of A. It was a hot summer day in India on the 7th of April last year, as I walked down the tarmac to board a Kingfisher flight to Mumbai. Now as I think back over the last year, and its ups and downs, it seems as if it was a lifetime ago. (excuse the cliché)

I've travelled extensively over the past year - probably more than the rest of my life put together - which brings me to the reason I call Kingsport the good ol' part of the US. It looks exactly how someone uninitiated doesn't expect the US to be.

Most of the folks back home imagine the US to be endless miles of concrete jungle and skyscrapers - an extension of New York City. Heck, I've had friends visiting from US metros shocked by the greenery around. The biggest building over here is the office I work in - it has three whole stories!

Kingsport is the sort of place where people can still leave their doors unlocked (although I wouldn't advise it, and I hope my insurance agent isn't reading this)

When someone asks me where I am in the US, I almost never say Kingsport. Simple reason - a conversation would generally go like this:

Uncle/Aunty: "So beta, where in the US are you?"
Me: "It's a place called Kingsport, uncle/aunty" (and knowing fully well that no one apart from Kingsport-ians? would know that this place exists...)
Uncle/Aunty (if I'm not fast enough): "Accha beta, which state?"
Me: "It's in Tennessee, uncle/aunty"
Uncle/Aunty: "Haan, is that near California? My son is working there..."
Me: "No uncle/aunty, it's in the East"
Uncle/Aunty: "Oh, does US have a east side? I thought US was in the West"
Me: "No no uncle/aunty, US does have a east side, that is where New York is..."
Uncle/Aunty: "Oh, my nephew works in New York, you should visit him some weekend"
Me: "I'll try to... New York is also pretty far from here, nearly 10-12 hours by drive"
Uncle/Aunty: "Acchaa...." (still wondering about this mythical state of 'Tennessee' and convinced that I'm making it all up to avoid meeting their relatives)

That's why most of my conversations go like this:
Uncle/Aunty: "So beta, where in the US are you?"
Me: "New York, uncle/aunty"
Uncle/Aunty: "Acchaa...."

Happy belated anniversary to me.

spring has sprung...

Spring has sprung,
The grass has riz,
I wonder where
the flowers is?

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